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팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.

Top Message


With the world in heart
move forward silently toward the future.

KIC People Posture

  • - KIC people pursue horizontal culture based on human respect.
  • - KIC people are always think about team, company and society rather than me.
  • - KIC people fulfill their responsibilities in openness and autonomy.
  • - KIC people make their own efforts and lead the development of themselves, their companies and society.

Business Philosophy

  • - We create a rewarding workplace that realizes dreams and self to KIC people.
  • - Become a trusted partner to customers with superior quality and technology.
  • - We will do our part as KIC in the world.

About KIC

  • KIC is a specialized company that produces only Suspension Shock Absorber for automobile based on quality,
  • customer satisfaction is our TOP management philosophy.
  • KIC`s products are the key parts responsible for the safety and comfort of automobiles.
  • The best Shock Absorber for safety and comfort is our future.
  • To this end, KIC will continue to innovate and contribute for the better world.
  • In the future, KIC will strive to make safer produce, provide safety and comfort to customers, and make the world safer.