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팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.

KIC History

1998 KOREA INTER CROSS Co., Ltd Found
“Technical Concentrated Small & Medium Co.” Certification
1999 “One million Dollar Export Tower” awarded
“Prize of Prime minister” awarded
2001 Sihwa KIC Head office & main factory completion & relocation
2002 Technical Assistance to IRAN “KSV KHODRO Co.” for SAIPA & KHODRO
2005 “USD Five million Dollar Export Tower” awarded
Awarded “Stone Pagoda Industrial Medal” by the President
2007 HYNDAI MOTORS CO. Tuning Shock Absorber Cooperator Contract
2008 Russia [TagAZ Motors Co.] S/ABS Supply Contract
2009 Start Shock Absorber Business in After Market
2011 Awarded Prize of Minister of Knowledge Economy
2014 Increase the application of the global car models and parts specs
2015 Ansan MTV KIC Head office & Main factory relocation
2017 Awarded by the Presidential Committee on Development
Achieved $ 100 million export
2018 Expected to attain “Ten million Dollar Export Tower” awarded.